Neck Pain

Exploring The Causes Of Neck Injury Pain

An athletic woman rubs her neckIf you have not recently been in an accident but are experiencing neck pain, you are probably mystified as to what may be causing it. Too often, neck pain goes ignored because it is easier to just pop an aspirin and go on with our lives. But, you should know that ignoring anything resembling a neck injury could do far more damage to your body than you might realize, and should be seen to as soon as possible by your doctor.

A neck injury can be easily diagnosed through tests run by the doctor and any damage effectively treated, even if you do not know the source of the injury or pain. There are far too many serious conditions that may have simple neck pain as a symptom that can afflict any one of any age to be easily ignored.

The following causes of neck and back pain will illustrate exactly why medical attention is so important:

• Crick and Kinks: This kind of neck pain is not exactly a medical condition, and the terms are often used to describe the pain felt in the morning upon waking. Very often it is caused by sleeping with your neck in an awkward position; however, it could also be a sign of a pinched nerve in neck or a possible whiplash injury. It is usually hallmarked by stiffness or muscle spasms along the back of the neck and shoulders.

• Muscle Strain and Neck Sprain
: A strain is an injury to the muscles that move the spine. A sprain can mean that the ligaments have been injured. Both are caused by the overuse of muscles surrounding the neck, shoulders, arms and back, through lifting incorrectly, sports, and improper stretching before exercising. Both conditions have symptoms of decreased flexibility, neck and back pain, muscle spasms, and swelling of the affected muscles and ligaments.

• Pinched Nerves
: A pinched nerve occurs when some neck injury or other cause has resulted in swelling of connecting tissues that place pressure directly on a major nerve. A pinched nerve involving the neck may not even be located in or near the neck, but actually lie in the shoulders, back, or even in the spine itself, through a herniated disc. This condition causes muscle spasms, tingling and numbness.

• Whiplash
: This is a muscle straining condition that can be created by violent movement of the neck and shoulders, usually during some kind of sudden impact, like a car accident. That violence may also have damaged the spine or discs, and should be seen to immediately. Movement of the neck should be limited as best as possible until the complete damage can be accessed.

Any neck injury, no matter how slight you might think it to be, should be seen to as soon as possible. At Owl Now Urgent Care, our emergency room technicians will be able to run tests and determine the scope quickly so you can receive the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.