Sports Injuries

An ice pack sits on an athletes kneeSports injuries is a term that broadly refers to any physical injuries that might be caused while participating in any kind of sports or during exercise. Such injuries are very common in professional sports and might result due to overuse of any part of the body or due to any sudden trauma occurring while playing the game. Several safety precautions are being taken by the modern sports corporations to prevent sports injuries in order to lessen the physical trauma that the professional athletes need to go through.

Types of Sports Injuries

There are two main types of sports injuries

• Traumatic Injuries
: Traumatic injuries are those injuries that are caused due to any sudden trauma occurring to the body. Such injuries are very common in contact sports such as rugby and basketball. Soccer injuries and football injuries also generally fall under this category as the chances of collisions and accidents happening while playing such intense sports is great.

• Overuse Injuries:
These are injuries that occur over a period of time due to the overuse or abuse of any part of the athlete’s body. Tennis elbow injury and knee injuries might fall under this umbrella. Tennis elbow injury is a painful condition which is caused by repetitive stress at the elbow. Similarly knees take the brunt of all the stress while the footballer’s kick and slide, even basketball players repeatedly abuse their knees launching themselves at the ball. Such sudden jerks can lead to knee injuries over time.

General Methods used to Treat Sports Injuries:

Sports injuries treatment is the most effective if administered immediately, preferably while still on the field.

Treating the Inflammation
: Inflammation is our body’s way of fighting against any injury which helps in the healing process. Chemicals are released by the effected tissues which start the healing of the area, this leads to inflammation. At times, too much inflammation can be a hindrance to proper healing and has to be contained. Doctors often prescribe over the counter drugs or for more extreme case non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs to reduce the inflammation. This is most often the first step to effective sports injury treatment.

Restricting Movement: Slings, splints and casts are often used to immobilize the effected area. This reduction of mobility helps in an early healing.

Surgery: Surgery might be required to heal the damaged tissues, bones and muscles.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation
: This is the last leg of sports injury treatment; however it is also one of the most important stages of treatment. Damaged tissue which has been immobilized for long needs dedicated exercising in order to get it back to its former level of functioning. Physical therapy is generally required for the proper functioning of the affected part of the body.

All kinds of sports have some amount of physical risk involved with them. Swimming injuries and gymnastics injuries are just as common as those of a star football athlete. Proper precautions should be taken at all times and in all sports in order to minimize the risk of injury while playing. With after-hours services available 7 days a week and state of the art treatment facilities, Owl Now Urgent Care is your one stop destination if you are looking for effective sports injury treatment in Polk County.