Breaks and Sprains

After Hours Breaks & Sprains

A woman's arm in a castSprains and broken bones are never pleasant, but they are particularly unpleasant when they occur after hours, when all the hospitals and clinics are closed. While some people mistakenly believe otherwise, all forms of sprains and bone fractures require immediate medical treatment.

The Owl Now Urgent Care clinic is open around the clock, 7 days a week and is ready to take care of your urgent and most immediate medical needs after hours. Even in the wee hours of the morning, if you have injured yourself, you will find expert medical help on hand at our clinic.

Get the Care You Require

Too many patients adopt the ‘wait till morning’ attitude when a break or sprain occurs after hours, and by that time it is usually too late to embark on the most effective course of treatment. What seems like a simple sprained ankle, for example, might actually be a torn ligament, which would benefit greatly from immediate casting and immobilization. Without a proper diagnosis, however, almost all patients would never think that their injury was anything other than a simple sprain.


Sprains are among the most common sport injuries, regardless of the type of sport. Sprains affect either muscles or the ligaments of the joints, and occur when the joint has been subject to stress that forces it to move in a way that it was not designed to. When this happens, the muscles or ligaments are stretched, and can sometimes tear. Therein lies the danger, because a torn ligament is much more serious than a simple sprain, and can result in a permanent injury if not treated properly.


Breaks can vary in seriousness from minor bone fractures to complete breaks. Bone fractures are often caused by impact, whereas complete breaks tend to involve some form of twisting force applied to the broken bone. Stress fractures are also common, and these involve hairline cracks appearing in bones following prolonged heavy use. Many athletes suffer from stress fractures due to the repetitive impact from the sports that they participate in.

In the case of bone fractures, the ideal treatment is to immobilize the limb or body part by means of a cast and allow the body to heal itself. Complete breaks, on the other hand, often have to be reset before healing can be allowed to take place. If the bone is allowed to heal without being set properly, it can heal at an angle, greatly diminishing the use of a limb or overall mobility. Immediate medical attention is therefore required to first diagnose the severity of the break, and then to apply the requisite treatment.