Urgent Care

Urgent Care and Primary Care Services: Knowing Where To Go

Urgent care facilityPrimary and urgent care services are a little different. While the former is used to treat people on a regular basis and ensure that they stay healthy, the latter is needed in cases that require immediate attention.

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Getting Treated for Non-Critical Emergencies

Urgent Care treatment is a little different from emergency care. This means that when you have broken a bone, you will need to get it treated immediately but it will not be a critical case like a person suffering from cardiac arrest. So, if you are suffering from something that requires immediate medical attention, you should get to an urgent care center. These problems do not require you to make appointments with a doctor and they do not follow the regular 9 to 5 work day. The walk in clinic allows you to enter at any time and simply wait for your turn and get treated as soon as possible. Even though these clinics are usually not equipped to treat critical emergencies like gunshots or heart attacks, they will treat problems like infections, burns, cuts or bronchitis attacks which would have otherwise sent you to an ER for treatment.

Getting Treated for General Health

General health is usually overseen by your primary care physician. Most people choose to stick to one physician who they know and this person becomes their first point of contact whenever they have any medical related issue. By building a relationship with this doctor over the years, he or she will know your medical history inside out. If you have an allergic reaction to an antibiotic or if certain allergies come on during a particular season, this doctor will be familiar with your medical background and will be able to give you treatment accordingly. These physicians are great for minor medical problems like colds and coughs where you can wait a day or two before seeing them.

Achieving Total Health

Total healthcare services offer patients the opportunity to have their urgent care needs at the same place as their primary health doctor. This means that you can use the center as a walk in clinic when you have an acute problem that needs to be taken care of or you can make an appointment with the physician for your general health related services. This allows you to have all your medical records stored neatly in one place for easy reference. And if you still want to consult your family physician who is not attached to the center, you can simply ask the clinic to send over your files to him or her so that your medical records can stay up to date everywhere!