Why it’s Important for Children and the Elderly to get Flu Shots

An elderly woman blows her nose with a tissueEven though most people just brush off the flu as being a little worse than the common cold, not many realise how dangerous it can get. While this viral infection may put a healthy person in bed for a few days, it could have very serious effects on children, the elderly and those who suffer from other ailments. In some cases it could even lead to death. It is for this reason that the flu shot is so important.

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What is the Flu Shot?

This vaccine has been designed in order to build the antibodies in your bodies so that it can protect you from the flu virus. It is a seasonal vaccine that should ideally be taken every year by all those who are 6 months and older. It very extremely important for all children below 2 to be vaccinated regularly as well as those who are in school, elderly people and those suffering from problems relating to the lungs, diabetes, etc.

Vaccination for Children

The flu can make your child miss school for a number of days. It could even keep you at home if you need to care for them. And a lot of children need to get hospitalized if they get a serious care of the virus. Those who already have medical conditions like asthma or diabetes are at an even higher risk of getting seriously ill. And waiting till you see the signs and opting for flu treatment will only put your child through a lot of suffering. Instead, the quick and easy flu shot will help to build the antibodies in their system and allow them to fight off different forms of the infection, right from the simple stomach virus to a bad case of flu which is accompanied by a high temperature and the chills.

Vaccination for Seniors

The flu is often the most deadly among those who are 65 years of age or older. Their immune systems are weak so they often get more susceptible to the virus. And this doesn’t just apply to those who are living with small children or those who get out and interact with people. Symptoms of the flu are most often seen in elderly people who are living in nursing homes and other facilities because the virus spreads quickly over here. It is advisable to get them vaccinated before the season starts so that they don’t catch it from the people around them.