DOT Physical

The DOT Physical: All You Need to Know About It

DOT physicals are mandatory for commercial drivers. It can be obtained at a walk in clinic or urgent care center from any medical practitioner who is qualified and recognized to issue the certificate.

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Why You Need The USDOT Number

Every driver who drives a vehicle that transports more than nine passengers, carries hazardous material over a certain quantity or operates a vehicle for the purpose of any interstate commercial activity is required to carry a DOT medical certificate when they are driving. The Department of Transportation has made it mandatory for every driver who falls into this category to get a physical exam conducted regularly in order to ensure safety on the roads. There are also a number of restrictions that apply for those who want to drive a vehicle commercially. For example, you will not be given a DOT medical card if you have to take injectable insulin in order to control diabetes.

What Happens During a DOT Physical?

DOT Physicals must be taken by a registered medical practitioner who is recognized by the Department of Transportation for you to comply with federal law. Before the exam, you will be required to fill out the first part of the form which asks for personal details like your Social Security number, full name, driver’s license number, etc. You will also have to fill in a section regarding your medical history that asks you to indicate whether you have suffered from certain complications.

The medical examiner will review the history and then conduct a few standard medical tests. These include:

• A vision test
• Taking your blood pressure
• Looking for any deformities in the spinal area
• Checking your ears, nose, throat and eyes
• Checking your abdominal region for any abnormalities
• Listen to your lungs and heart
• Taking a neurological examination
• Doing a hernia check

After the necessary tests have been conducted, you will have to discuss various hazards that may be created in your line of work and these will be noted down. In some cases, dot drug testing may also be carried out. The examiner will then decide whether you meet the standards prescribed for receiving a certificate. Those who have passed the test and do not require any regular check-ups will get a certificate that is valid for two years. The examiner is allowed to issue a certificate for a shorter period of time if he or she believes that you have any condition or are at a risk of developing a condition and may require more frequent check-ups. Those who do not meet cdl requirements may not be issued the cdl license.